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Xenon Fog Lights - Illuminating Your Way

by:DLAA      2020-04-10
Driving lights are mounted on cars, trucks, boats etc. and meant to ensure extra safety for the drivers during nighttime driving. It may so happen that you are heading to an area where there is not enough light to drive easily. The problem gets worse at night or during adverse weather condition. It will be a complete waste of time for you to wait till the weather becomes normal once again. The works may be very urgent and you need to attend them as early as possible. That is why it is very important to fit your vehicle with the fog lights that will enhance your visibility and enable you to drive smoothly and safely. Fog lights come in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes. However, this article is focused on Xenon fog lights only. These lights contain Xenon gas, one of the six inert gases, and produce either yellow or white beam. Other fog lights provide a nearby and narrow view while the xenon varieties illuminate farther area and enable the drivers to have a wider view. Another major advantage of using the xenon fog light is the shape of its frontal beam can be customized in accordance with the customers' specific preferences. Xenon fog lights look like normal bulbs and comprise of a mixture of different gases including Xenon. This gas slows down evaporation of the filament used in the bulb. When current passes through the gas mixture, these fog lamps produce very bright light. Extreme care must be taken so that the wiring system of the fog lamps never gets in touch with other lightening systems installed in your vehicle. These fog lights are expensive as compared to other varieties and price may hit you hard. But with various facilities available, you will not think twice to make your wallet lighter by splurging on the xenon fog lamps. Most of the vehicles are fitted with the standard headlight bulbs while coming out of the manufacturers' stables. However, many car drivers and owners like to replace the headlights with xenon fog lamps. This is because the Xenon lamps produce much brighter light, provide greater area coverage and add a smarter look to the vehicle. But while getting the replacement done, many people do not change the reflector that came with the previous lightning system. It is a great mistake because generally, the reflector is not compatible with the new installation and therefore may not function properly. Xenon fog lamps are placed higher than other fog lights and fairly easy to install. Meticulous care should be taken during installation as these lights are very costly and fragile. It will be better if you get the lamps fitted by an expert mechanic.
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