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Why introduce you to automobile engine under guard controversial

by:DLAA      2020-08-25
Engine under guard so incredible is used to protect the car engine, vehicle in the driving process, will encounter all sorts of road conditions, sand, mud, dust, etc. , these will cause damage to engine, especially with low chassis car, suv is relatively better. Owners may feel sandstone, clay ingrious damage to the engine, but in the long term, the engine cannot undergo frequent attacks for a long time, so from the protection of the engine, save maintenance costs, installation of automotive engine under guard board, it is very necessary. But someone over whether to install car engine under guard also put forward the dispute, think engine protection plate may affect the car. Automobile engine sheeting under dispute mainly has two points, see together: a dispute: vehicle after installing the guard, can lead to poor engine cooling, especially turbocharged models. Many owners friend said heat installed under guard. But the hot air is floating upwards, and the air conditioning is downward diffusion, engine cooling is to rely on a complete set of cooling system, not by the following hole to heat dissipation. Said heat engine under the guard is not right. Controversial 2: if the vehicle collision, the engine under guard will stop the engine cannot sink, crashed into the cockpit, affect safety. Engine sink, not to fall off the engine, is refers to the wage bracket attached to the engine body sinks, with chassis stuck it will not let it crashed into the cockpit. Engine sinking technology is very mature technology, don't worry about the engine under guard will affect the engine down. And engine protection plate is made of plastic buttons and securing the self-contained silk, when a strong impact, compared with the strong impact, not worth. In conclusion can be concluded that the engine protection plate under the importance of self-evident.
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