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Why Fog Lights Are Important for A Car

by:DLAA      2020-04-22
Lighting plays a vital role in extreme weather conditions and every light installed in your vehicle has a function to perform. The aftermarket headlights that you install to get rid of the stock lights still lack vital aspects and are seldom useful when there is snow and fog around. Fog lights are available for cars and you can install them in your car to ensure safe journey in the worst of weather conditions. You may ask yourself a question that why normal lights do not perform well in the fog. You need a light with longer wavelength to penetrate the fog. Headlights are made for normal circumstances and their light is of shorter wavelength and cannot penetrate the fog easily. Yellow or red light s used in the fog lights as these have longer wavelengths than traditional headlights and tail lights. These throw an intense beam to penetrate the fog and make it easier for the driver to see what is ahead. You may find fog lights in the market in various colors but the clear color is the most used. yellow color is also preferred by some drivers because of its cool looks. You may also consider the type of light to install in your car and it will depend on your budget too. Halogen bulbs have been in use for many years but the Xenon bulb have replaced them as they are three times brighter than Halogen lights. If you experience a lot of snow and fog in your area then Xenon fog lights will be the better option for you. Most of the cars come with factory fitted lights of this kind but if your car does not have them then you can buy aftermarket lights. Even if your car comes with fog light system then you may want to change them as they are not of good quality. Every vehicle should have them installed at the front and these increase the style of your car too. You can install them on the bumper of your car and when lit, these will give your car a sporty look. Fog lights are also installed at the rear end of a car but they are optional. They are mostly used to indicate the cars coming behind that the visibility is not clear ahead. But you should take extra care before switching on the rear fog lights accidentally as the cars coming behind may stop suddenly and it may cause an accident. When you see that the visibility has improved and you no longer need them then you should switch them off immediately. These lights come in various shapes, designs and colors and are easy to install as well. You should consider the design and style of your car too before purchasing a set of lights of certain design and color. A branded set of fog lights may cost you more but it is worth spending as these lights last long and will ensure that your journey is safe.
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