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Why do car fog lamps use yellow light instead of striking red light!

by:DLAA      2020-02-21
What car fog lamp uses yellow light? Because human eyes are most sensitive to yellow and green light. In fact, the color chosen by automobile lamps has little to do with scattering factors, because under the condition of heavy fog, the degree of Michaelis scattering has nothing to do with the wavelength of incident light. ● The human eye is most sensitive to what color of light, and the purpose of installing lamps in cars is to be alert, so it is meaningful to find out what color of light the human eye is most sensitive. The sensitivity of the visual nerve to different wavelengths of light is different, the most sensitive to green light, and the lowest sensitivity to red and blue light. International Lighting Committee (CIE) According to the experimental results, the relative sensitivity of human eyes to various wavelengths of light is determined, which is called 'spectral light visual efficiency or visual function '. In the case of bright vision, that is, when the brightness is greater than 3cd/m2, the sensitive wavelength of human eyes, that is, the corresponding wavelength of spectral light apparent efficiency peak is 555nm, which belongs to yellow-green light. In the case of dark vision, that is, the brightness is less than 0. 001cd/m2, the human eye's sensitive wavelength at 507nm. Yellow wavelength: 540 ~ 600nm, green wavelength: 495nm ~ 540nm, Cyan: 460 ~ 495nm. Then the fog lamp uses yellow light, which is very reasonable. So why do brake lights use red lights? That is the meaning that red is dangerous to human beings. In fact, human eyes are not sensitive to it. ● What factors are related to the attenuation of light during its propagation in the medium? When light propagates in the air, due to the presence of a variety of gas molecules, dust, smoke, moisture, etc. in the atmosphere, part of the radiation energy is absorbed, converted, scattered, etc. At this time, we are concerned about the penetration of light, which involves the absorption and scattering of light by atmospheric molecules. ● With regard to the absorption of light by atmospheric molecules, when light waves propagate in the atmosphere, atmospheric molecules are polarized under the action of light wave electric field and are forced to vibrate at the frequency of incident light, light waves consume energy to overcome the internal resistance of atmospheric molecules, which is manifested by atmospheric absorption. The atomic molecules that make up the atmosphere include nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, water, etc. , of which nitrogen and oxygen are the most, but they hardly absorb visible light. In fact, water and carbon dioxide molecules, especially water molecules, have a broad vibration structure in the visible light region, so it is the most important absorbing molecule of visible light and the main factor of atmospheric optical attenuation. When the frequency of incident light is equal to the natural frequency of atmospheric molecules, resonance absorption occurs, and the light attenuation reaches the maximum. In fact, there are a small number of other molecules, such as helium and ozone, which have considerable absorption effect in the near infrared region of visible light, but the content in the atmosphere is very small, and their absorption effect is generally not considered. This explains the problem of greatly weakened light penetration during heavy fog because light is absorbed by water molecules. Regarding the scattering of light by atmospheric molecules, when the air quality is good in sunny days, because the size of atmospheric molecules such as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide is far smaller than the wavelength of visible light, Rayleigh scattering is mainly considered, its attenuation coefficient is proportional to the molecular density and inversely proportional to the fourth wavelength. The longer the visible wavelength, the weaker the scattering. In the case of dust, salt particles, rain, snow and haze, since the size of these particles is generally larger than the wavelength of light, Michaelis scattering is mainly considered. Michaelis scattering is related to particle size, density distribution and refractive index characteristics, but not to the wavelength of light. ● Why does the car fog lamp use yellow light? Because human eyes are most sensitive to yellow and green light. In fact, the color chosen by automobile lamps has little to do with scattering factors, because under the condition of heavy fog, the degree of Michaelis scattering has nothing to do with the wavelength of incident light. When the weather is clear and there is no haze, the occurrence of Rayleigh scattering is related to the wavelength of the incident light, and the longer the wavelength is, the weaker the scattering is. In this way, the wavelength of red light is longer than that of yellow light, and scattering is less likely to occur, red light has better penetration. Today's cars are generally equipped with front and rear fog lamps. The front fog lamps are yellow or white, and the rear fog lamps are red. In fact, the turn signal lamp is pure yellow. The popular daily LED running lights are white and are not specially made into yellow or red, so there is still no need to over-interpret the meaning of lamp color.
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