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When to use fog lamps and when can't they be used?

When to use fog lamps and when can't they be used?


Due to the setting of the fog lamp for car, the range of use is limited, and the light source of the fog lamp has no fixed direction. When encountering rain and fog, the light intensity emitted by the fog lamp has just met the role of improving the recognition of vehicles in the opposite direction during driving. When the foggy and rainy days are dispersed and the daily visibility is restored, the high brightness and scattering characteristics of the fog lights make the incoming car a very dazzling object that affects the traffic of the passing vehicles. At this time, the fog lights and daytime running lights should be turned off.

In rainy and foggy weather, fog lamps for car are not always available, so how do we distinguish between proper use. Regarding how to use it, let's take a look at the official statement (quoting the announcement of the China Transportation Regulations):

1. During the driving process, on the road with visibility of 200m-500m, the vehicle must turn on the low beam light, the width light and the tail light, and the speed should not exceed 80kmh. ;

2. During the driving process, when the visibility is between 100-200m, the fog lights, low-beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed should not exceed 60kmh, and the distance to the front car should be more than 100m;

3. During the driving process, when the visibility is 50-100m, the fog lights, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed should not exceed 40kmh, and the distance from the front car is more than 50m.

4. When the visibility is less than 50m, the public security traffic control department will adopt traffic control measures for closed highways in partial and entire sections according to the regulations.

For the study of the above regulations, fog lights can only play a major role when the road visibility is less than 200m. There are two reasons: First, when the visibility is greater than 200m, the headlights, width lights and tail lights can already provide sufficient lighting and warning effects; Second, the fog at this time can make the headlight line soft and the sight is poor Fog lights are needed as supplementary lighting.

The auxiliary role of all fog lights cannot be ignored. For example, in countries with more rain and fog, having an adequate and stable light is one of the important conditions for safe driving. Safe driving is both Responsibilities, we can't install some fog lights that affect the other party's driving. The fog lights of our DLAA use good surface materials and stable light sources, which can meet daily use and do not affect the driving of the car. Normally, we must check the use of lamps on time. If we find that the lamps turn yellow / water leakage/aging affects the use, we should repair and replace them in time.

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