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What's the use of car front fog lamps?

by:DLAA      2020-02-20

The function of the front fog lamp of the car:

The Front fog lamp is installed at a slightly lower position than the front lamp of the car, which is used to illuminate the road when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Because of low visibility in foggy days, the driver's line of sight is limited. The yellow anti-fog lamp has strong light penetration, which can improve the visibility of drivers and surrounding traffic participants and enable incoming cars and pedestrians to find each other in a distance.

precautions for use of automotive fog lamps:

1. Fog lamps are suitable for severe rain, fog, snow or dust-filled weather. The visual visibility of fog lamps is about 100. After visibility is less than 100, fog lamps must be turned on and attention must be paid to reducing the speed.

2. The main purpose of the automobile fog lamp is to let the people behind know the front vehicle. The Rear fog lamp is designed to be red to play a warning role. The lighting of the front fog lamp is not omnipotent, if the visibility is less than 30 meters, the effect of turning on the front fog lamp is not too great, then you need to pull over and turn on the danger warning lamp.

3. For rain, fog, snow or dusty weather, in addition to turning on the fog lights and lowering the speed, some drivers will get used to turning on the double flash, which is actually unnecessary. First of all, the penetration of the fog lights is far greater than that of the danger warning lights, secondly, after turning on the danger warning light, the vehicle loses the warning of steering. If the user encounters a turn or overtaking on the parallel line, it is more troublesome, and the sudden steering or overtaking is very likely to be ignored by the rear car and a traffic accident occurs.

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