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What prompt transmission fault?

by:DLAA      2020-08-31
The shift of gearbox fault difficulties at this manual cars, car owners typically like a foot brake, a feet clutch and shift, when the owner found hanging in a stepped on the clutch can't shift, shift upward or downward shift is difficult, at that time actually had said gearbox appear some problems, mainly including insufficient transmission oil and the viscosity, the clutch linkage problems, etc. Gearbox fault the peculiar smell of the owner if the odor smell gearbox appear such as driving or launch a burning smell, and at that time the owner must be careful, because it usually indicates the gearbox overheating, because with of parts of the gearbox is in need of lubrication, if insufficient driving fluid is likely gearbox, of course it is possible that the transmission oil leakage or dirt, need to change. Noise of gearbox fault when the vehicle is in neutral or shift transmission of strange sounds, this time also means that the transmission problems, a good car can't always unprovoked ring out, this is generally reverse gear or bearing wear, the owner should be replaced as soon as possible. Gearbox fault sliding gears of the normal operation of transmission, when rest, should stop in your specified gear transmission gear, or computer designated to maintain a certain speed range of gear, until you start shift or computer. But speed gearbox automatic sliding gear, cars can spontaneously from a drive gear jump out, turn to the gap. By this time the owner be careful, should be timely to send or car 4 s shop for repair.
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