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What products has DLAA fog light developed?
To date, DLAA Co., Ltd. has developed mainly three categories of products. This includes fog lamp . Wide in application, practical in use, beautiful in design, they are now well-received by clients from different countries and regions. Their combined sales at home and abroad account for a large proportion to the total figure per year. They are up to the standards that are internationalized and regionalized. This is a solid foundation for the product promotions.
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When it comes to hyundai fog lights, DLAA fog lightCo., Ltd. is always the first choice for customers. The driving light is one of the main products of DLAA fog light. DLAA fog light[universal fog lights for cars undergoes curing and post-curing of epoxy resin. Post-curing is highly essential for bonding epoxy resin with a printed circuit board(PCB), meanwhile, it is also a thermal aging process for LED. It can handle the vibrations a car encounters every day. The product is characterized by its air permeability. A new type of waterproof fabric layer is added, helping absorb any foot sweat and moisture. It is able to generate more brightness.

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