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What is the reason the door won't open?

by:DLAA      2020-08-28
Temperature is too low, this is mainly for the winter in the north, south or relatively rarely appear this kind of circumstance, because the north often freezes in winter, if the owner in washing cars will not exist some dry the water on the door of the case, it is easy to appear the door of the phenomenon of the ice, when the next day the owner couldn't drive door, don't try so hard, also do not want to go to the big door, to prevent damage to paint and sealing strip, a more serious condition could be pulled the door handle, the location of the car owners can also use warm water to clean the ice or temperature can be opened. Many keys in the car owners because careless when off forgot to bring keys out of the car, it is possible that a panic caused during the period of work, by this time the owner don't panic, first look for have a spare key, if not the only one called the lock or repair shops to open the lock or change the locks. Now owners use the remote control failure is usually remote control keys, certainly not completely accurate as remote control, may sometimes appear some unexpected circumstances which can not open the door with long button flashes appeared not responded, for example, used by owners around the existence of strong signal interference, of course, there are may be no electricity in the remote control, in this case the owner can use mechanical key to open it. Door lock failure but it generally are relatively rare, because the door lock as a security configuration, the required technology is more accurate, this class happen to some old high used cars, car owners can go to the repair shop to check the reason, generally mainly change control motor, lubrication lock piece of solutions, such as, of course, also can be overall in the lock.
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