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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for fog lamp ?
The proportion of material cost can be seen significantly high to total production cost for fog lamp . Generally speaking, high-quality materials are endowed with high purity, long-term usability, and chemically reliability. Once the manufacturers prefer to invest more in the raw materials, they are more likely to obtain the finest quality products, which helps them achieve business success more easily. Thanks to this, the manufacturers who prefer to reduce material costs will be more likely to be cleaned out from the market.
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DLAA Co., Ltd.Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the industry of chevrolet fog light in China. The off road led light bar is one of the main products of DLAA fog light. DLAA fog lightdriving lights for cars is exquisitely designed with a perfect match of Lumen and color temperature to emit adequate illumination and yet without over brightness which causes dazzling. It has the characteristic of a good beam pattern. As long as you show interest to purchase our universal fog lights, DLAA fog lightCo., Ltd. can arrange samples for you. It is better suited to deal with low visibility situations like fog, dust, heavy rain, and drifting snow.

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