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What is the difference between the front fog lamp after fog lamps?

by:DLAA      2020-07-16
What is the difference between the front fog lamp after fog lamps? How to distinguish between the first we need to know what is the fog lamps, what is the main purpose of fog lamps? Fog lamps is under the condition of low visibility weather driving, can promote the pilot and other traffic participants visibility, avoid traffic accidents. So what is the difference between fog lamps after the front fog lamp? How to distinguish? The front fog lamp we know now that new car, fog lamps widely used white light source. On the one hand, in order to beautiful, on the other hand, halogen lamps light source is white, to get a yellow light, you must use strain the yellow light, yellow chimney could eventually get only about 30% light transmittance. In this case, the real power of the fog lamp is greatly reduced. Now manufacturing technology progress than before a lot of halogen bulbs, the light source in the 'noise' is much less than in the past, the total effect is not obvious. Therefore, the use of white light source is both beautiful and practical power of choice. After the car fog lamps that fog lamps after why not white? Because the back light has been 'worm', to avoid misunderstanding, so use red as the light source. After all, after the fog lamps as little tail light or brake light problems ( Three lights have 'stay, stay away from me,' the meaning) , and satisfy the open after the conditions of the fog lamps, also the time when the tail light cannot penetrate fog, fog lamps more should be a supplement to the taillights. If USES white light source, in the heavy fog, the driver behind the back light as the fog lamps, 'with' clued-up, is likely to crash. After the front fog lamp and fog lamps logo to distinguish: is toward the left front fog lamps; Fog lamps is toward the right after the warm prompt: hope everybody can after the front fog lamp and fog lamps have a full understanding, fog lamps, after all, is necessary to use in the process of the driving equipment.
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