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What considerations open buggies?

by:DLAA      2020-08-31
Don't use limited slip differential of the so-called ordinary roads limited slip differential is refers to the rotational speed between driving wheel control in a certain range, mainly for some special sections such as slippery roads and paths, to prevent drive wheel side slip not only need open, in the ordinary road recommended but do not open especially in some sections of turning, because both inside and outside wheel rotation speed is not the same, if the owner restricts the speed, is because the balance of the friction is not very likely, and appear the phenomenon of rolling over to one side, and in the normal phase open this thing not only money but also may lead to accidents. Be careful not to take shift switch all-wheel-drive part owners like switch in the process of driving low-speed four-wheel drive, though seem to be very convenient, but in fact this behavior is very easy to damage the transfer case, because the owner of this operation is equivalent to the neutral condition on the clutch, the owner is best under the condition of the vehicle stationary switch, because it prevent wheel reaction thansfer, although some cars can be switch in the lower speed, but still had better to switch when parking. Trap don't feet trample accelerator when vehicle owners found that the vehicle stick in the mud, stepping on a foot pedal revealed no evidence of disbursement, had better not to slam on the gas, that will only make the tyre deeper, and then they're harder to rescue, this is should try to reverse the car hang out in the car's location, if or not can, parked under your car after a brick or stone and then dial the phone, not careless operation of avoid by all means. Turning speed not too fast as raider buggies for its center of gravity is generally much higher than the two drive car, especially for some tires is such a big suv, the road in the corners and sharp, buggies are more likely to happen sideslip, even so the owner of speed through which cannot be too high.
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