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What are the characteristics of car guard introduces for you?

by:DLAA      2020-08-06
Automobile engine protection plate is made from steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys and titanium magnesium alloy materials, such as they each have advantages and disadvantages, faced with different material difference. How do we choose? What kind of car engine protection plate? Before choose the car engine protection, must understand the advantages and disadvantages of these materials, in order to make the choice of steel the following protection: engine protection plate is the first choice for the owner of this kind of material, the first is cheap, another obvious advantage is hard, every day driving roller sand tires no threat to him. Disadvantages: the heavier weight, fuel consumption; Resilience is not good, easy to deformation of aluminum magnesium alloy plate lighter than steel, no increase in fuel consumption, simple installation. Faults price is high, the material strength is not high, small scratch scratch causes block is broken, and suitable for vehicles with higher chassis titanium magnesium alloy steel through special processing, strong resilience, impact resistant capability is strong, not easy to deformation, rust and metal gasket no resonance, no noise
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