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Universal Fit Projector Fog Light Lamp in Focus

by:DLAA      2020-04-18
Projector fog lights have always been the pinnacle of car classiness, and the JDM Glass projector lamps with its 7000K Angel Eye CCFL Halo Rings are no exception. However, this is certainly not the only reason why car owners consider this accessory a must-have. This projector headlight is equipped with a Hella E13 crystal grass projector featuring a cut-off line, which makes it perfect for HID (high intensity discharge) conversion. This is because HID lights, which are lights generally infused with Xenon, are known to be bigger than the standard halogen bulbs. This means that when installed, HID bulbs are likely to be closer to the lens. Now, headlight kits which aren't ready for HID conversion will not be able to stand up to the heat - they would likely melt. This glass projector has a metal body, as opposed to the plastic material used for the body of other projector fog lights. The body comes with a pre-drilled hole at the back, so you can be sure it can be set up quite easily. Note that the bulbs to be used are rated H3. Another good thing about its being conversion-ready for HID is the potential for better visibility, which was hinted at earlier. Normal halogen bulbs have light beams which aren't at all rigid; the light beams fade into yellowish rays, as opposed to the extreme brightness that Xenon or HID lights provide. Xenon lights illuminate instantly, providing 3 to 5 times more light. An added bonus is the fact that the bulb has a life span considerably longer when compared to halogen lights. Throw in the Halo Rings which are really eye-catching and you have fog light set-up that is truly upscale. These JDM glass projector fog light lamps also feature a kit that can be used universally; it can work for Hondas, Scion tCs, and even SUVs and trucks. The assembly kit which includes the lens house and wiring system that has a length of 5.11 inches. It has a lens diameter of 1.95 inches and the diameter of the halo rings spans 3.5 inches. The package contains one pair of JDM projector fog lights and halo rings. It is mainly used for adding the HID component to fog lights so there is no harness that is included in the package. Like all JDM products, this fog light comes with a 120-day replacement warranty, effective on the date of the purchase. All parts must be in unaltered condition though, and improper installation or modification such as soldering or painting will result to the warranty being void. The purchaser also has to shoulder shipping charges for the return of parts for replacement. Note that 30 days after the date of purchase, the customer can return or exchange the item so long as it is in original condition and packaging. The customer will not be charged for restocking but shipping fee is non-refundable Projector fog lights can make your car look better - that much is a fact. Also, the popularity of this accessory has spawned a wide after-market niche which means that you have a lot of options. The best thing is that these kinds of headlights also enable superb visibility, which is a vital safety feature as it can be really handy in poor weather conditions or during night time.
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