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Under the new situation of auto parts market marketing direction

by:DLAA      2020-08-30
Policy support, auto parts enterprises still need to efforts. After ten years in China's accession to the world trade organization (wto) organization, has become the world's automobile production and consumption power, also is the second country after the United States auto parts production country, however, production and sales have not bring considerable profits, lack of core technology, lack of independent brands seem to have become a stumbling block of the development of the auto parts in China. After the 12th five-year plan of automobile and parts industry support during the two sessions in 2012, the attention to the automobile industry development and existing problems, also reveal the vision of China will spare parts to do bigger and stronger, and action. Under the macro environment of the big national policy, China's auto parts enterprises, Chambers of commerce of the individual also has the obligation to change the auto parts market, it is estimated that up to now, the domestic auto parts enterprises in 30000 or so, but seldom meet the requirements of economic scale, less than 1% of large enterprises, less than 15% of large and medium-sized enterprises, how to expand the scale, enhance the level of profit is the key of the enterprise development, and sustainable development of auto parts market, only strengthen the auto parts enterprises small individual survival and development of the market, to guarantee a healthy sustainable development environment. The Internet is an important power in the auto parts market rapid development in recent five years, China's motor vehicle ownership to maintain fast growth, annual average increment of 15. 91 million vehicles. Off sales reached 15 million cars in 2011, our country, the ownership of more than 100 million cars. 14 cities in China car ownership of more than 1 million vehicles, including ownership of more than 5 million cars in Beijing, the rapid increase of car ownership, trigger a new business opportunities, increase in the number of auto parts enterprises, accessories market competition is intense, in the case of auto parts is approximately the same core technology, who owns the marketing methods are more likely to be accepted by the dealers and consumers, faster by consumers, who can quickly occupy the market, ahead, and Internet marketing can in a short time, less investment, to achieve this effect, the Internet will become the auto parts market rapid development momentum.
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