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Traffic lights at night

by:DLAA      2020-03-29
When the car light projection distance from far to close, says vehicles approaching or entering the ramp. 2. When the car light projection distance by getting nearly far, said car is next ramp or by steep into the gentle slope. 3. When the car left the road lamplight, said sharp or in front of the vehicle have sailed to the top. 4. When the car lights by way of moving to the roadside, said a general curve ahead. ⒌ when the car light from one side of the road to the other side, the said for consecutive turns ahead. 6 when car to shoot the light is short, suggests to car will approach ramp; When the light car shot away from the roadbed, said to the car has been close to the top. But the current rear lamp light or bright or dark, show that vehicle ahead in the distance; The rear lamp light more bright, show that in nearby vehicles. ⒏ around the current car taillight spacing is large, it shows that vehicle ahead for large cars; About the current car taillight spacing is small, which indicates that vehicle ahead for small cars.
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