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Three main tips on winter car fuel economy

by:DLAA      2020-07-07
In winter the weather is dry, the temperature is low, the vehicle will appear some problems, in this case how many owners reaction fuel consumption increase, in this case, the temperature drops and fuel consumption increase is actually a normal phenomenon, after all, the day is cold, hot car ahead of time, under the condition of heating hot car will increase fuel consumption, 1 l is higher than that of normal, but if you are more hundred kilometers fuel consumption at four or five liters is from blame yourself well, ok then have what way can reduce fuel consumption? Winter car fuel economy three coup in time check the tire pressure regularly check tire pressure and degree of wear and tear if found in driving car sliding distance decreased significantly, should check the tire pressure whether accord with standard air pressure, if the tires under-inflated, fuel consumption will increase; In addition, if the tyre wear serious, they are often appear skid phenomenon, increase fuel consumption. Winter car fuel economy three coup in time check the tire pressure replace spark plug if the spark plug to use time is too long, also can appear the phenomenon of fuel consumption increase. Because the spark plug damage can reduce the energy of the ignition, the car speed slow, lead to gasoline consumption increased significantly. Winter car fuel economy three coup in time check the tire pressure shorten appropriately hot car if you go out in the morning when used to hot car for a long time, the engine made useless, waste of fuel is not conducive to environmental protection. The correct approach is from the engine idle speed status of 1200 RPM to 800 RPM can drive a car, and then the car while driving, temperature, speed not too fast, a one or two kilometers, the engine operating temperature is reached. Is, in general, usually pay attention to how to maintain your own car, especially the maintenance of engine, and driving when they try to control the speed of economic under an hour. Of course also pay more attention to the above Suggestions, so that winter fuel you won't feel so high.
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