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This paper introduces the principle of headlight for you auto lamp manufacturer

by:DLAA      2020-03-26
Luminous principle of halogen lamp filament with ordinary light bulb, while the xenon lamp is no filament, this is the most important difference between xenon lamp with traditional lamps and lanterns. Xenon lamp is arc generated by using the gap between two electrodes to shine, as the welding arc generated by the light. High-voltage pulsed electric plus micro quartz bulb in the fully closed ( Tube) Between the metal electrode, encouraging the material inside the bulb ( Xenon gas, a small amount of mercury vapor, metal halide) Ionization produced in the arc light. This kind of light color temperature and sunlight are similar, but with more green and blue components, thus rendering light blue and white. This blue and white light significantly enhanced the brightness of the road signs and signs. Car xenon lamp bulb manufacturer emission flux is 2 times bigger than the halogen lamp, at the same time, the efficiency of electric energy into light energy more than 70% higher than that of halogen lamp, so the xenon lamp has a higher energy density and light intensity, and running current is only half of the halogen lamp. Advantages compared with ordinary light bulbs, automotive xenon lamp bulb manufacturer has two significant advantages: on the one hand, xenon bulbs with halogen bulb is three times more likely than normal light intensity, energy consumption is only about two-thirds; Xenon lamp, on the other hand, with the light of the sun is almost the same color, create a better visual condition for drivers. Xenon lamps and lanterns make light is wider, light intensity, greatly improve the driving safety and comfort.
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