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The use of fog lamps and operation

by:DLAA      2020-03-14
The use of car lights and road safety has a direct relationship, the proper use of car lights not only can protect their own safety, at the same time can create an orderly traffic environment. In our life, however, there are some people, they 'drive', but there is no real use for lighting, high beam is often open to the end, bring the security hidden danger to yourself and others. But you don't need not worry, from today onwards, the owner of the house launched the 'rookie advanced class' column, there is no long, only the practical knowledge of the car. This article, we talk about fog lamps and its using method. Fog lamps, just as its name implies is used in the fog had light signal, strong penetrability, its main characteristic is the fog in low visibility weather, easy to let the vehicles or pedestrians notice as early as possible, so as to effectively prevent the happening of the accident. But it is important to note that the daily light of fog lamps do not use. In visibility good night fog lamps, and its bad influence is no less abuse high beam. What circumstances need to use the fog lamps? Like I said above, fog lamps is heavy fog days and other low visibility weather use lights. As stipulated in the road traffic laws, when rain fog day visibility is less than 200 m, a motor vehicle should be open fog lamps. Is, of course, the 200 m is a safe driving distance, whether to immediately open fog lamps more or want to see the actual situation. Also many owners feel that the speed not too fast in the city, don't open fog lamps didn't matter much, actually this kind of idea is wrong. In the everyday driving, in accord with the following a situation you should open the fog lamps: when torrential rain pouring down, driving people easy to blur the line of sight, sometimes it's hard to judge the situation around. At this time, you can consider the light fog lamps, remind the drivers around you. Fog shrouded in fog day need not speak, that is must open fog lamps, in order not to hit others for their own not hit. Is important to note, however, fog lamps, although helps vehicles or pedestrians see as early as possible, but this does not mean that it can use at any time, especially in the fog lamps are open to and fro. Because of the fog lamps light brighter than normal, and have very strong scattering, if when there is no need to let it shine at random, only can interfere with the line of sight of other motorists, especially to the other side of the line of sight, serious, may cause accident. As a result, many traffic laws are clear provisions of the state: a ban on vehicle open fog lamps in the case of good visibility. Opens the fog lamps in the car how? Of course, not all the abuses of fog lamps are intentional. Some novice might mistake fog lamps, and they have not found, more aware of fog lamps have not cause interference to others. Many beginners will have such doubt: I sat in the car, how do you know whether to open the fog lamps? Very simple, we need only observe the icon on the dashboard can tell. Light guide ( 1) Will you use the fog lamps? Next, we know it is necessary to clear the fog lamp switch in where, and how to open the fog lamps is, influence others in order to avoid their wrong operation. Fog lamps switch in where? At present most of the cars on sale, the fog lamp switch will be set in the left behind the steering wheel or the left, and there will be a visible logo hint user. How to open fog lamps? After enlightenment width modulation, can open the fog lamps. Among them, the front fog lamp is can be opened separately; After the fog lamps only with front fog lamps at the same time open, open alone. There are two main types of the style of the fog lamp switch, button and the knob type. Different manufacturers will have their idiomatic way of fog lamps to open. 1, the button type fog lamp switch this fog lamp switch on U. S. brands, such as gm and ford are common. This kind of open mode is characterized by easy operation, according to the corresponding function can be realized. 2, fog lamps switch knob type this fog lamp switch itself is divided into two styles: one is integrated in the left dial rod ( A turn shifter lever) , found in their own brands, and Japanese brand cars; Another independent setting in the form of a knob on the instrument panel on the left side of the area, the mass of model is the typical representative of fog lamp switch summary: fog lamp is like a double-edged sword, with good can greatly reduce the number of traffic accidents, if not good, can be the trigger for the accident. So, the new owners must remember: fog lamps only in low visibility conditions, to play its proper role, we don't force it pays daily lighting of live.
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