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The rainy season is slippery, safe driving tips

by:DLAA      2020-08-27
Entering the rainy season, many owners worry constantly, driving is easy to slip, causing the line of sight fuzzy lower visibility, increase the risk of driving factor, especially for car a potential 'hurt'. Small make up for you to arrange a few rainy days of train operation and maintenance tips. In April, after the arrival of spring rain to bring the earth at the same time, also has brought many owners. In the rainy and unexpected showers driving, will be more than usual on visibility, tire braking ability and safety constraint. Rainy day driving, remember to drive safely, and line and cherish it. The car in front of the check must first check the wiper. Had better be the wiper every place to try again, to see if it work properly; Also, be aware of wiper blade do not clean wiper, must change in time if not clean. Because rainy days drive if wiper failure, the consequences will be very serious. In addition, the degree of wear and tear to the limit of the tyre is also a rainy day traffic hidden trouble, so I pay attention to the tire before driving to see if there is not normal wear and tear. How to remove in the process of driving the car windscreen of the fog? The most common way is to open air conditioning. This is because the air conditioning blows to the glass, in a 'cold' membrane is formed on the surface of the glass, to prevent condensation on the glass, carbon dioxide mist effect. Also can go to the auto parts store to buy except for mist or prevent mist towel etc. Will be in addition to the mist spraying in the automobile glass surface, and wipe clean, in a clear glass dirt at the same time, still can form on the glass with a thin layer of transparent protective film, prevent water vapor condenses to form fog layer in the glass. Can you find insurance company claim for compensation after the engine intake? Car fully insured, not including wading insurance, auto wading insurance is a kind of additional coverage, need to buy separately. Wading insurance can only claim engine problems, gearbox and other parts is not included in the wading risk inside the water. The owner at the time of purchase coverage, coverage and adjustments should consult clear all kinds of risks. We pay attention to the rain stop? First of all, the rain stop don't open air conditioning. On a rainy day, when the low-speed parking, gasoline affected by water vapor, temperature, engine speed cannot be fully burning. When the car stop but continue to open air conditioning, and is still in the car doors and Windows closed, the air inside the car can't convection, if engine exhaust of carbon monoxide leakage into the car, would gradually accumulate and make its concentration increases, which leads to bad consequences of poisoning and even death. Second, stop don't stop on the tree, billboards, telegraph pole, wall, etc in high winds, heavy rain weather unsafe position. Don't stop in low-lying areas, such as tunnel hole, potholes, ramp, overpass inferior, lest car was flooded. On a rainy day how should maintain after driving car? A, desiccant inside the car. When it rains should open air cooling, such doing can not only remove the fog, and the function of the dehumidification. The rain has stopped is more attention, the accumulation of moisture to get rid of as soon as possible, otherwise prone to mildew, etc. Second, the car in addition to bacteria. After the rain due to factors such as temperature, easy breeding ground for germs, so the interior disinfection of aseptic is particularly important. Focus on clean corner everywhere. Three, curing chassis. Owners can conduct a 'chassis seals model', it can separate chassis from the outside world, achieve anticorrosive, antirust, sound insulation function, can effectively extend the life of the body. 4, check the brake because the brake system has very strong adsorption capacity, the rain is very easy to enter the brake fluid inside, this will affect the braking effect, serious can cause brake failure. For processing method for this kind of condition, after the rain to professional repair shop inspection on the braking system.
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