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The rainy season how safety car wiper maintenance good fog lamps to use

by:DLAA      2020-03-12
Spring rain is always the ceaseless, sometimes spring rain seems to remind drivers of the prepared in advance for the upcoming rainy season. As the owner of the northeast every winter snow season comes it'll think of some way to prepare the way for image in 'winter', south China car owners will be bothered by how to ride out the rainy season. So, in order to meet the coming of the rainy season, owners what to do to prepare? We respectively from the car, and matters needing attention to detailed analysis for everybody. One, check this one, wiper wiper of the importance of self-evident in the rainy season, don't wait for the rain to find the wiper block, check early early replacement. Wiper inspection method is very simple, met rainy day found wiper goes wrong with it, go to shave or 'mist', then this pair of wiper has life will do. If there is no rain, you use water to wash the front windshield glass to see the rain scraping effect. Is listening on the other hand, if you hear are evident in the sound, it also suggests that the time to change. It is very important also to maintain the wiper, of course, the usual, wiper hiding dirt easily, it is also one of the reasons for not clean. So you can use a wet towel, at ordinary times or more resilient wet towel to wipe carefully, to wipe away dirt, oil, etc. Sometimes you will suddenly find, wiper works again. 2, skylight main attention, if often use skylight car sunroof if careless maintenance is leaking. Skylight has water chute, often use words will dirty, are most afraid of too much sundry etc, easy to cause congestion. Therefore, check after the sunroof, have stuff will sweep. 3, fog light fog lamps in the fog had useful, however, because of the fog lamps strong penetrability, low visibility for fog weather can have very good warning effect, compared with the headlights are much better. Therefore, should pay attention to check the fog lamps have the water, is normal. Second, the matters needing attention: 1, dry spring not only high humidity, the temperature began to rise, so it is easy to various germs multiply growth season, even if the car is no exception. Will face in the rainy season, might as well in the free time of car MATS, floor MATS, carpet, outlet these health dead Angle to do a good job of cleaning. Also regularly sweep clean up the clutter in load, car seat, bags, etc. 2, the science use air conditioning the monsoon humidity is big, you know that rainy days inside the damp, the most bacteria place is where? Is air conditioning. Therefore, how to correctly use of air conditioning is to have cultured, the most important thing to notice is to reduce the humidity of air conditioning. How could you do it? Is very simple, every time the driver to stop, you can turn off the air conditioning refrigeration in advance, but don't turn off the air, so that you can blow the wet steam, keep dry and air conditioning system of the internal pipeline. As a result, not only can improve the service life of air conditioning, also can effectively inhibit bacterial growth in air conditioning system. Of course, if you have time, also can buy some air conditioning cleaning agent back to DIY, the effect is much better. 3, wax can protect the paint most of the time can have acid rain, the rain to paint will have corrosion effect, easy to cause it fade, and to be scratched, metal plate of this exposure to the buckle. Might as well to give love a wax, at this time is the best waterproof wax. Because spring is not like summer, seldom under heavy rain, so dozen wax will not soon be washed clean. After finished wax for car body to form a layer of protection, paint also have a layer of protection, protection from the rain, especially the acid rain violation. 4, learn to use fog lamps though both on the Internet, or the traffic police in the emphasis on the importance of the fog had car fog lamps, but many of the owners or habits in the heavy rain with double flash. In fact, so there will be many problems, double flash in low visibility of penetration is not strong, sometimes play a limited role. In addition, there are many models after pressing the double flash, a turn can't use, so that in the case of low visibility to have very big risk. The fog lamps is designed specifically for use in low visibility of the fog had, if there is a fog lamps without, that would be wasted.
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