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The rainy season auto supplies the reference

by:DLAA      2020-03-18
1, motor drive the rain water must use wiper, but sometimes it rains very helpful wiper is also a bit overwhelmed, then suggests that we might as well try the car drive reducer. The principle of this product, attach a special layer of film on the glass surface, let the rain can't hang on the windshield and rearview mirror glass, some products also can prevent mist. If the speed is fast enough, the beads on the surface of the windshield can even automatically fly away. Note that although this product is very effective when it is in the demonstration, but two stationary and moving state is different, so can't rely too much on the effects of this product. As long as have the effect of the product, you will find that the rain blow after use will go faster. On the other hand, you can also use a water drive in the car on both sides of the rearview mirror and the Windows on both sides of the bridge, the rain is not easy to make these places, when driving in rainy day will be able to see more clearly. 2, water flooding water coated glass the glass in addition to clean function, the biggest characteristic is also has both the function of isolated rain coating. There is no specific car this product water flooding effect is so good, but victory in convenient. 3,WD - 40 antirusting agent many old owners know this thing, it is very useful for moisture proof and scaling, can be directly used in the automotive electrical parts and mechanical parts, eliminate electrical component moisture and moisture, etc. In addition, the door interlock switch is not flexible, the wheel hub oxide and impurity, glass adhesive content, even on the carpet to chewing gum can be used to remove the product, use a lot. 4, lifesaving hammer under the condition of heavy rain, in the past has been the whole car trapped by water, the inside of the car out of the news. Although this is just a very extreme, lifesaving hammer is limited to the use of the rainy season, so might as well prepare a pair of, emergencies can hit the window glass. 5, automotive gear receive bag on rainy days drive annoying, take the wet umbrella in the car is also very annoying, if you're ready to receive a rain gear device will be able to transform the problem solved. With this, is not afraid of rain wet umbrella when you receive on the car, and it is the place to receive.
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