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The Purpose of Fog Lamps

by:DLAA      2020-04-10
We all see a number of lights on a car and we all know that they are for illumination so as to ensure visibility. Your car needs a good lighting system which will allow you to see the road ahead whenever you are driving during any time of day and in any weather. Sometimes the weather can be quite bad such that visibility is poor. For example, if it is too foggy it becomes hard to see what's ahead a few meters in front of your car. This is the reason why you should make sure that you always have fog lighting in place. When you buy a new car it is very likely that it will come with fog lamps. These are low lights which will prove to be very useful whenever you are driving through fog. Your regular headlights will be almost useless when you are driving in foggy conditions because they cannot penetrate the fog to ease visibility. Also, the light from the headlights will hit the fog and get reflected back onto your face. This is dangerous because the glare from the reflection will strain your eyes and you can easily lose your road focus thus making you unable to any approaching traffic. You only need to use fog lights during bad weather when you have to drive slowly because the visibility is poor. However, you can also use them when driving in very dark nights and especially on windy roads. During the day when it is very sunny you will barely notice that your fog lights are on but their light is very significant in the darkness or fog. When you go to shop for fog lamps you will notice there are a few types. Some lights are white and others are yellow. Many people disagree about which between the two works better. Some people argue that because yellow light produces a longer wavelength compared to white, it is less likely for it to be reflected. Other people feel that there is really no difference between the two lights. Whatever the color you prefer always make sure that your car has working fog lighting at any one time. It does not really matter if your locality is foggy or not.
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