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The last is fog lamps factory car headlights are black science and technology

by:DLAA      2020-06-23
Don't know your hair now didn't find the lamp has become the most relishes the car design elements. From originally be lighting effect of the single to the present technological competition highlands of each big lights in addition to the lighting, the significance of has become a brand connotation to convey a window and symbol. Today we talk about the lamp or lamps light source several types and differences. 'Halogen headlights' started to play in the tens of thousands of pieces of car LED s, all the halogen lamp's new car has been rare. Typically you see a always feel less what things in the car headlights, glistening a little aesthetic feeling, that is halogen lamp right now. Halogen lamp and incandescent lamp luminous principle, the brightness is not high also is equivalent to more than 1000 candles, so always call the candle light. And yellow like the light bulb. But the most basic lamps light source have many advantages. Low cost, fast startup time, and the yellow light has a very good penetrability, rain and snow day lighting performance is its advantage, but a short distance, brightness is halogen lamp's shortcomings. 'Xenon headlights xenon lamp is called' type gas high intensity discharge lamp. Principle is within the quartz tubes filled with inert gas mixture including xenon, to replace the traditional filament, through the starter and electronic ballast, hid xenon light to 23000 v high voltage current stimulus, the white arc is formed between the poles and glow. Xenon lamp brightness is 3 times of halogen lamp, need to cooperate together the light lens, beam position control. High brightness and a lens shape makes the xenon lamp on both practical and modelling looks more tall. Besides longer life than halogen headlight, small energy consumption by more than 40%, but a xenon lamp light time slow, fog day lighting ability than halogen lamps. 'LED lamps' than xenon lamp, LED headlight brightness higher and more energy efficient, also does not have the xenon lamp light hysteresis, it is important to the LED a single light volume is small, so can be combined into any shape. Due to a single light, can better control the beam shape and position, so the application of LED lamps truly realized the intelligent car headlights. But it looks beautiful with high performance of the LED light source is also a problem is the work calorific value is very big, so the luminous efficiency will be affected by high temperature, so usually equipped with a radiator, it also indirectly caused the disadvantages of high cost, so the threshold of the LED lamps is relatively high. Sale of nondestructive replacement LED bulbs on the market, had better not use heat treatment not likely to lead to a host of other problems. 'Laser headlight' this is a light hear name and feel very advanced technology. In fact the lamps light source, laser diode and light-emitting diodes (leds), was born at the same time almost. Laser headlight also has quick response speed, low brightness decay, small volume, low power consumption, long service life etc. Most of the advantage of LED lamps. On the luminous efficiency at the same time, the general LED light luminous efficiency may reach about 100 lumens per watt, so laser diode element can reach about 170 lumens per watt, which means that, when the same lighting conditions, using the laser energy is less than 60% of the LED headlight lamps, further reducing the energy consumption. Besides laser headlight has the absolute advantage in terms of volume, the length of a single laser diode element has been able to do 10 microns, is already a regular LED element size 1/100, which means that as long as the designer is willing to, the size of the traditional automobile headlamps can be significantly narrowed, auto front face modelling design ratio could take a revolutionary change. But due to the high cost, laser headlights temporarily in only a few flagship model. Therefore, read these isn't to silly points not clear all sorts of lamps are already know?
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