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Tell you why you want to install the engine under guard

by:DLAA      2020-07-20
Want to know why want to install the car engine under guard? What are the benefits? To have a look at our introduction for everyone, believe that will let you know a good installation of its benefits. 1, can prevent damage of road surface collapse up stones engine, so that we can very good pan-hu oil sump, but there are certain disadvantages, is will increase the vehicle weight, affected the heat dissipation, reduce the vehicle's road through sex. And if the assembly is bad also can produce noise. 2, engine under guard plate is according to the different car body design of engine block mud protector, the installation after heat without any impact on the engine, with special cooling hole, after installation without any abnormal sound. Can block 93% of the dust, prolong the service life of the engine. 3, prevent abnormal uplift of engine directly impact on the ground, cut off from the ground of mud, sand volume such as engine bearing, belts, air conditioning compressor, reduce maintenance costs, help lower part of the engine to form stable air flow, noise, lower running at a high speed and can save fuel. Here we want to remind you that you don't need to install if you just drive in the city, but if I used to go suburb or a bad road condition, a formal professional shop is still the best installation under guard, better protection of your car.
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