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Tell you buy a good seat cover or cushion

by:DLAA      2020-07-20
Car interior trim, easy to get dirty is every contact seat, accumulate over a long period, the seat will touch on a lot of be soiled, water be soiled and dust in the air. Erase directly, not only to clean, and once the high cost of cleaning not only, also there will be a lot of residual cleaning chemical materials. So the car seat cover, or the seat cushion is very important. But what is good and seat cushion seat cover? Seating: total package design of car seat cover is a good way to protect the original car seats. Dust stain is not easy to enter not only, also can protect the original car seat scratches, pollution is respected, and make the seat of the stereo sense is stronger. But more troublesome unpick and wash, the whole package can affect side airbags, but the feeling is good. In general, is that the car seat cover is special, need to custom size according to the model, so can very good and seat nicely. But this is not seasonal. Cushions, car MATS installation is relatively more convenient, and will not affect side airbags, but at the bottom of the seat side and there is no parcel, feel some not harmonious. Cushions are generally not size, suitable for most cars, strong commonality. And cushion usually have winter and summer, summer has a dimension of cass, linen or ice silk, mat. Winter fur products more, like wool, wool and so on. In fact, both car seat cover and car cushion, their function is similar, can keep the car clean, also can bring your driving comfort. When the choice, should not only suitable for cars, and according to his be fond of highlight your personality! No matter you choose seating or cushion, believe that will bring your driver's good mood!
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