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Tell me about car maintenance knowledge

by:DLAA      2020-07-03
Owners put beloved car back home, even want to give it the 0 good care also often overwhelmed, there, and even sometimes care too much, so that the car himself into a lot of misunderstanding of the concept. The following a few maintenance error, do you know? Circle way poor polishing effect a lot of people to wax body are habitual, on the basis of a circle that is not correct method. Correct way of wax in a straight line, line alternates, finally, according to the flow direction, rain so as to decrease the car paint surface concentric rings halo effect. Engine oil too much easy to malfunction when lack of oil in the engine oil pan, oil bearing and shaft friction due to the amount of little and poor lubrication, increase the wear degree, even cause burn wazhou accident. However, if the oil is too much, engine crankshaft, connecting rod big end handle at work will produce violent agitation, not only increase the engine internal power losses, and can make the increase in the number of the oil splashed onto the cylinder wall, burn oil line fault. As a result, the engine oil pan of oil should be controlled between oil foot scribed line up and down. Bolt tight forever - Long deformation on the car a lot of fasteners connected by bolts, nuts, shall ensure that there is plenty of pre-tightening force, but also cannot be screwed too tight. If screw is too tight, on the one hand can make the fitting forever 0 long deformation under the action of external force; On the other hand can make the tensile deformation of wing 0 long bolt, pre-tightening force down instead, or even cause the slide fastener or fracture phenomenon. Fan belt is too tight as temperatures rise, high bearing load some drivers think that improve the tightness of fan belt, can improve the effect of engine cooling, so 1 vigorously improve the tightness of fan belt, fan belt too tight, but this kind of practice is wrong. Fan belt should keep elastic appropriate, because too tight will make bearing load is too big, wear, increased power consumption, at the same time also can make water pump shaft bending, belt stretching deformation, shorten service life. New battery is not charging shorten battery charging is called the first charge for the first time, for the first time has great influence on the service life of the battery charging. Without charging it with 'water' used directly, will shorten the battery life; If direct charging, also will shorten its life. Usually the initial charging battery is in after filling the electrolyte, with a small current charging about 1 hour to install and use. The car equipment safety and private cars at random is owner mobile home, the pursuit of comfort. But some owners themselves in the car with all sorts of equipment, the modified if not handled properly, the overall performance of automobile, the convenience and reliability of the manipulation often bring adverse effect, easy to affect driving safety. Heavy maintenance and not maintain some greenbacks more expensive car use is a typical 'three repair seven FenYang'. 'Will open and will not have that many owners' to fix the generation of protect '. Some confuse repair and maintenance; Some only know maintenance into the factory, but I do not know into the factory maintenance; And that maintenance is a waste, etc. When vehicles 'PaWo' to send for repair, will cause a greater loss. In fact a lot of failure, timely maintenance, will resume car condition, prolong service life.
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