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Tell me about alloy engine protection plate have what advantage

by:DLAA      2020-07-04
Engine under guard there are many kinds of material is this we all know, shandong jinchuan engine protection plate factory today for us to introduce the advantage of the alloy engine protection plate: where is the first point is not rust, some iron plate phosphating antirust do is bad, will be very easy to rust, and alloy engine protection plate would never have this problem, so even the rain and snow don't have to worry about. The second point is light weight, engine protection plate is in near the front axle, and even more in front of the position, so according to the role of the moment, if the engine under guard is too heavy, the front axle suspension due to load will be bigger, wear and tear will be bigger, it'll be easier than the weight of the unbalance caused by the front and rear, handling drops wait for a phenomenon. The third point is the good toughness, this also makes it cause of the noise is very small. Above is alloy engine under guard plate has the advantages of it does have certain benefits, thus the installation.
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