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Teach you the throttle, brakes, steering wheel judge fault hidden trouble

by:DLAA      2020-08-30
Throttle, brakes, steering wheel, is the car key device, qijia protection can prolong the service life of them. When use at ordinary times, early detection fault can avoid traffic hidden trouble. Like the gas pedal, if you feel when driving trample accelerator throttle, acerbity, hairpin, then the general reason is throttle dirty or throttle pull caused by a lack of lubrication, then you need to do some cleaning and lubrication. Second, when refueling, if you feel the accelerator not quick at ordinary times or feel boring engine, then you should go to service station to check the spark plug, nozzle and throttle, see if need to replace spark plug or wash the throttle and the nozzle. Brake as one of the key parts of the car, its working condition is good or bad is directly related to our vehicles and personal safety, must be reckoned. When you stall on brake pedal, brake pedal must have sufficient rigidity and height, and in the case of keeping stomping on it, the brake pedal should do not have any feeling of slipping. If your feet feel with the brake pedal down should be timely to the pit check and see if braking system where the leak. Second, after launch vehicle brake pedal force should not the phenomenon of a foot exactly, otherwise should be immediately repair braking system. In addition, after the launch vehicle brakes, when the first foot low normal after stepping on a few feet, loosen the brake pedal trample appeared again in a few minutes, the first foot, step on a few feet restore normal phenomenon, it shows that you have air braking system of pipeline internal, should be timely to the pit to bleed air brake system. The steering wheel is also an important control parts on the car, if the steering wheel at only keep shaking during 80 to 90 kilometers, is usually indicates you should do the vehicle tire dynamic balance. In addition, when playing to steering heaviness, this phenomenon is likely to be steering rod ball head or steering bearing fit too tight or due to lack of oil, and one possibility is that the pressure of the tire shortage, should be timely maintenance.
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