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Teach you seconds to understand common car lamp signal fog lamps manufacturer

by:DLAA      2020-06-17
Small make up when driving on the road, occasionally encountered around the vehicle suddenly or bright light. At first thought it was the driver accidentally press to the friend, then realized it could be a 'code'. So, small make up for all kinds of information, finally collected car 'lamp signal', today let's learn to one, the green light to remind driving: flash headlights if a traffic light shows for the green light, because in front of the driver distraction, novice or not good at driving, but not in time to start the vehicle. Flash can at this point, the car headlights remind a vehicle ahead, this is a polite can start the prompt topeople. Remember, don't continuous flashing headlights or long as well, so may cause drivers of vehicles. Second, remind adjacent car problems: headlight continuous flash three times while driving, sometimes see through the trunk of the vehicles ahead, or tire problems, etc. If want to benefit from a well-meaning remind drivers, can continuous flash under three headlight, show that check the vehicle to vehicle ahead notice. If I found the rear vehicle issued this lamp signal, it is best to their vehicle parked in a safe place, and check carefully. Three, vehicles and lane: flash is agreed, continuous flash is refusing to vehicle lane change is a very common behavior. Vehicle ahead when want to change lanes, must open the turn signal in advance, then after the car through the lamp signal forward car. If agreed to in front of the vehicle into, then slow down and flash headlights; Don't agree even flash headlights several times. If front of the vehicle lamp signal refused to change lanes are received, don't to change lanes, to avoid danger. Four, remind the car too close: intermittent brake light vehicles speeding, should keep a proper distance between before and after the car, in order to avoid a collision accident. If you find the rear vehicle yourself too close? Light lamp signal can be used to prompt each other on the brakes and flash headlights, said after the car too close. After receiving the vehicle ahead and rear vehicle lamp signal, should consciously control the safe distance. Five, remind non-motor vehicles or pedestrians: continuous flash headlights when driving at night, fear most casual of electric vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road, if some distracted while driving, consequence is unimaginable. Encountered this kind of situation, to slow down the speed of vehicle and continuous flash headlights, this can be noticed by pedestrians and non-motor vehicles effectively, avoid the accident. Car lamp signal drivers though the established warning signs, but really can act as a reminder. The most important still is in the process of driving, concentrate, safe driving.
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