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Teach you how to clean ceiling

by:DLAA      2020-07-16
We all know that every car has a ceiling. Ceiling, of course, also can be modified in the process of change. Production car roof in recent years more and more later, but for the purchase of the owner but did not know should how to do maintenance and cleaning, can let the car ceiling to achieve the advantages of durable. So, let manufacturers to teach you how to properly clean! A, the outside of the car roof and clean, it is very simple, and wash the car at ordinary times is the same, directly by adding detergent to wash after can achieve the result of the very clean, and in peacetime is need to keep some of whole vehicle maintenance. At this point, the car on the main points of the ceiling in the cleaning aspects will be more and more, a good grasp basic details later, can clean the more clean. Two, for the car ceiling cleaning, main is to choose the high power vacuum tube and brush for the cleaning of large area, it can to clean up the dust and dirt inside, so you can keep the car roof and the layout of the clean degree of appearance. After the car roof, of course, there are more and more, to provide Suggestions with respect to the cleaning are basically the same, so the cleaning, it will be more and more simple.
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