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Teach you how to choose of a few action maintenance of car interior

by:DLAA      2020-07-16
Car is like a floating life hut, busy owner a few hours a day spent in the cabin, therefore, a bright and clean and pure and fresh, bright and comfortable driving environment is particularly important, and the car interior role is key in it. How to choose, how to maintain? 'In the market, some only one hundred yuan or even several dozens yuan car floor mat, materials are basically not environmental protection. 'Industry experts told reporters that the owner should be used when the choose and buy car floor mat from environmental protection material, these MATS have wear-resisting, with no water, no dust, no discoloration, deformation characteristics, and easy to clean, not easy to residual bacteria. A simple way to distinguish between products are environmental protection, it is have to smell peculiar smell. 'Some new cars often have bad smell, in order to cover up the smell, a lot of owner like to put a bottle of perfume in the car. But now there is a lot of car perfume are small manufacturers, to guarantee the quality if perfume is unqualified, the owner of long-term inhalation of harmful substances, will cause incalculable harm to the body. 'Experts said, in fact, in addition to taste method is simple, one is to use fresh fruit, every two or three days to put some slices of fresh lemon, pineapple and so on in the car, heavy fruit fragrance, contained too much water, fruit itself and crude fiber has a strong odor adsorption effect. The second is to use bamboo charcoal bags, bamboo charcoal bag on the car, not only in addition to flavor, release negative ions, and stain resistant. Every other week to come up with bamboo charcoal package bladder, in the sun shines, can maintain long bamboo charcoal original effect. Maintain well, let your car interior greener car appears to be a closed space, but the car run on the road, the window, the door is still very easy to make dust into the car, so the first thing to do is 'dust'. Industry expert clew, a month to do a simple cleaning the car, remove the dust inside the car and vacuum suction dust to crack in the floor MATS and seat. In some small places, such as instrument desk and steering these places are very easy to stick dust, it is no use light with a vacuum cleaner, the dishcloth wet, can be wiped gently in dirty place, remember to wipe along the same direction, then dry with a dry towel. If too much is not easy to remove dust, you can use the leather cleaner is wiped, reoccupy after leather care agent to do maintenance. The material of 'general car seats, long wool, wool fabric. Fabric cushion with more, need according to different material of different processing methods. 'Experts said, clean the seat to avoid premature aging, owner shall promptly clean oil and dirt, after seat in the dust, with leather cleaner and leather care agent to do maintenance; Removed material and fabric cushion can choose to send professional dry cleaners dry cleaning. The place of car interior often can response the owner grade. High quality interior makes passengers feel comfortable, on the contrary some inferior car interior not only reduces the grade of the owners, and many contain harmful substances, is not conducive to health. Remind all owners, instrument panel, door trim is mostly plastic material, in the sunshine ultraviolet irradiation and under the 'care' of ozone in the air, in the long run will appear the phenomenon such as, embrittlement, chapping, at ordinary times should pay attention to clean or layer of the tu yi on the instrument panel, door trim clean protection wax water, can also reduce the damage.
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