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Talk about the SMC composite sheet to environmental protection and lightweight

by:DLAA      2020-07-03
SMC sheet in a foreign country is now towards environmental protection and lightweight, there is still room for improvement in SMC sheet in China. SMC sheet used in the idea of people, the problems of the unrecoverable thermosetting composite materials are used, in environmental protection have been put on the agenda today, the SMC using the prospect of a question. According to data reported, whether painting or binding of SMC are recoverable utilization, using the back part of SMC parts manufacturing doesn't affect its function. In the near future, using the back of the SMC made of the safe rod will be used on heavy commercial vehicles, with hood, a removable roof lining, side panel, grille plate, and body outer panel can also be used to recover the SMC. SMC used back for our domestic materials trade is a relatively new assignments, and this is a kind of important demand. SMC sheet abroad SMC sheet to environmental protection and lightweight followed the car for lightweight and the requirements of environmental protection, foreign car industry is more and more tend to use GMT data to satisfied the demand of the structural parts, the first because of GMT materials have good patience and produce molding cycle is short, high efficiency, low processing cost, no pollution and a series of advantages, is considered to be one of the materials in the 21st century, the first function is used to produce passenger cars much support, dashboard, brackets, seat frames, engine protection plate, battery tray, etc. Sheet molding compound ( SMC) It is important to glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics, because of its various functions and can be mass produced and the advantages of the can be reached A level appearance, has many USES on the car. Now SMC materials abroad on car use, there has been a new type to carry out now, SMC used in cars is the most big car plate, accounting for 70% of the SMC in the most, is the fastest increase structural parts and transmission parts, in the next five years, SMC on car usage will continue to rise 22% a 71%, and in other professional increase 13% ~ 35%. Foreign high content of glass fiber reinforced sheet molding compound is increasingly used in car structure parts, two kinds of models in 1995 ford ( Ex— Plorer and Ranger) Show it on the structure for the first time to use, because it has many functions, is widely thought in the planning of the structure has a lot of advantages, so for use in car dashboard, steering machine, radiator system and electronics system. SMC sheet domestic SMC sheet market to explore the domestic use situation following the introduction of domestic passenger car production skills, first choose in passenger car, the first for a spare tire capsule and safety bar skeleton, etc. , it is used in commercial vehicles, such as the tappet chamber cover plate, expansion tank, line speed, intrusive clapboard, the air intake hood assembly, etc. The abroad using cover scale there is a certain distance, visible SMC materials in domestic market remains to be further explored. With the development of science and technology the development of SMC sheet will be better, so the SMC sheet to environmental protection and lightweight is will come true.
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