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Talk about the material of bumper

by:DLAA      2020-07-02
Now many models of front and rear bumpers are made of plastic, this I believe we all know, especially the models below 200000, front and rear bumpers are almost all plastic material, need to know before car shell are metal material! Car companies jerry province capital? Or a car in order to lose weight? The first car companies who is do such a thing? We all know that before the car front and rear bumpers are metal materials, general is to use steel plate stamping and become, and the frame girder riveting or welding together, was a big international brand car companies for using the plastic bumper, since this time, this scheme quickly followed the auto enterprises to save money. And it is the brand name - - - - - - - Fiat. Why do we all love with plastic bumper? Actually many advantages of plastic bumper, about car companies, the most direct effect is to save the capital, but also is such, not just plastic bumper to a certain extent, also can protect the interests of the consumers. In population with some European countries, the car ownership, parking Spaces nature is very scarce, owners often had to cling to together, this time, the plastic bumper has played a crucial effect, if your car is squeezed into a narrow parking Spaces, you can use the low speed gently push the front or the back of the car, you can 'push' out of the parking space you need. Especially in the crowded streets of London, parking brake is not shake handshandle human nature, this park is for the convenience of others. If one day you find others bumper parking 'scratches' to you, please don't make a fuss, this is the 'hidden rules' we all know. Is, of course, the majority is on behalf of those cheap models, some models can't do that, for example, lamborghini, the veyron, Rolls-Royce's bumper is not plastic. Elastic and plastic bumper have is you in slight collision or scratches, plastic bumper to have good flexibility, have surely shock resistance, that is to say, if in the case of small knock small touch, plastic bumper can automatic springback automatic repair, even drop paint, also is better than the dents, whether painting much more cheaper than using sheet metal mold for sheet metal repair. Plastic better maintenance of pedestrians in addition to these, the plastic bumper still can maintain the effect of pedestrians, whether the car is not borne by bumper, rigidity, mainly to see body framework. And plastic bumper for material reasons, is better than metal is more flexible and absorb the impact force, so we can often see a bike bruised bumper on the network and so on this kind of pictures, think about it, if be metal bumper, tragedy is likely is the pedestrians and cyclists. Here we want to understand, bumper and anticollision beam is not matter. Lightweight, corrosion resistant, low capital automobile production has the mold, in addition to the body will adopt high strength material, many parts as possible using lightweight, corrosion resistance, easy processing, easy molding, easy maintenance and replacement of data. Vehicle front and rear bumpers is that, some body external accessories, such as fender, it is possible that using lightweight materials such as plastic. Of course, some of the best sports car, but also on the car will be out a lot of data of carbon fiber is used to replace metal materials, intention is simple: body lighter, faster, more secure, but also more fuel efficient. Conclusion: so, with plastic bumper, which is there are advantages to both the seller and the buyer. Professor here also stressed that the function of the bumper and anti-collision beam, measured the car's bumper is not soft hard rigidity. And plastic bumper also can lose weight, will be a fuel-efficient effect.
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