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Talk about the characteristics of automobile lamps and lanterns

by:DLAA      2020-07-02
1, safety - To ensure the safety of themselves and others, thus the relevant state laws and regulations should be mandatory. 2, wearing parts - Lamps and lanterns most installed in vehicle outside and position in the four corners is given priority to, no matter whether in work condition will withstand harsh environment test. The first (in frequent traffic accident So there are requirements for the safety of the lamps and lanterns has broken) 。 3, - As part of the vehicle body, especially in the modern vehicle car on modelling is played the effect that make the finishing point. Automobile lamps and lanterns with the characteristics of the lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, decoration, is a very special varieties of auto parts. Involves the national standard of auto parts ( GB) There are one hundred dozens, including related to automobile lamps and lanterns has more than 20, accounts for about a quarter.
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