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Talk about summer explosion-proof tire of those methods

by:DLAA      2020-08-29
Into the summer, how car explosion-proof tyres became many owners the most care about. Because according to the statistics, about a third of the traffic accident on the highway is caused by the tire failure, and one of the most main is flat tire. As a result, knowledge about car explosion-proof summer tire emerge in endlessly. Is said to reduce tire pressure explosion-proof tyres, but also have said fill nitrogen explosion-proof, online these explosion-proof tire methods depend on unreliable? When it comes to summer explosion-proof tire, the first thought of a lot of people mind flash across is usually tire pressure reduction. Because everyone has studied the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, gas heat expansion, if tire pressure is too high, a heated certainly easy blowout. So, many owners after entering the summer, will be very natural to lower tire pressure a 0. 1 - 0. 2BAR。 However, this seems quite reasonable approach, actually backfire. Because the inside of the tire has a lot of steel wire is used to hold the entire tire. Under the conditions of tire pressure is insufficient, due to the irregular deformation of the tire, tire steel wire inside the deformation and wire deformation increasing as a result, steel wire temperature rise sharply, it is easy to appear rupture phenomenon. Plus drive, tire temperature rise, instead, the possibility of a flat tire. And will tire pressure higher than normal 0. 1 or 0. 2 BAR, and can effectively reduce because of the internal steel wire tire caused by the deformation of the tire deformation and fracture, thus reducing the possibility of a flat tire. So, tire pressure reduction unreliable! Fill nitrogen is also considered summer explosion-proof tire of a 'good' method. Because the nitrogen is inert gas, molecular free path is larger than oxygen, low permeability in the rubber. Therefore, tire pressure drop rate reduce, maintain normal tire pressure time growth. When the temperature changes at the same time, the nitrogen volume expansion is far less than the air contains moisture content is low, thus reducing the flat tire. However, we did an experiment, in the same car on the left and right tires filled with nitrogen and air respectively. Then, each run 10 km tire pressure and temperature, finally it is concluded that as a result, the nitrogen of low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, heat up slow 'features in the actual application effect is not obvious. So the summer for nitrogen tire inflator to prevent puncture method is not desirable.
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