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So it is urgent to introduce you to protect the engine

by:DLAA      2020-08-23
Engine is the core part of the car, no engine, the car is only a shell, a decoration. Engine as well as the most vulnerable part of the car, because the engine parts exposed by sediment corrosion, easy to damage, especially when driving on the bumpy road, hard easily rotten engine chassis, cause an accident. Because of the importance of the engine, in order to ensure the safety of driving, need regular maintenance, if damaged, the replacement price is quite expensive maintenance. So, in order to save the maintenance cost, it is important to ensure the safety of driving, so it is urgent to protect the engine. The engine is the main measure of protection for the its coat - — Under the car engine protection plate, below to see the benefits of automobile engine under guard installation: protect chassis, collision, prevent the palm: car in the process of various surface road, due to different road conditions, the engine part of the easy road bumps and flying stones scratched, and engine protection plate can be a very good block all collision, protect the safety of the engine. Comprehensive protection: 3 d tech engine under guard board, three-dimensional design, surrounded by large effective area protection than ordinary plate area is as high as 30%, really more comprehensive protection, make the engine and gearbox more safety! Chassis rust and corrosion resistance: the 3 d model steel sheeting under engine itself has the stable antirust function, with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistant properties, can effectively prevent the engine chassis rust and corrosion. Safe and reliable: now the engine protection plate engraving, using data original chassis design, according to data matching make plate and the original car more lifted, and strong resilience can good, meet the impact illiquid and fall off, ensure the safety of driving; Mounting holes through special processing, when put down 2. Fracture occurs when the number of the 1 t, will not hinder the engine sinking, safe and reliable! Good ventilation and heat dissipation: aerodynamic design reference, guard to strengthen integration with the ventilation and heat dissipation holes, effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation difficulties.
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