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SMC sheet material is analysed several big advantage

by:DLAA      2020-07-11
SMC as the body material advantages as follows. ( 1) On product design have higher flexibility and freedom to design engineers can use to easily design all kinds of size and shape, so as to maximize formation is its rich imagination, and reflect on the models or prototypes in the shortest time. ( 2) High strength according to different technical requirements, design different SMC formulations. To get a different performance requirements of parts, adapt to the needs of different parts and different parts. But instead of aluminum, steel, etc. ( 3) The relative density of lightweight its general to 1. 3 - Volume 2, with SMC lighter than steel, aluminium, etc, can effectively reduce the vehicle weight. ( 4) Corrosion resistant steel corrosion is one of the biggest drawback, the SMC material has good corrosion resistance, no rot, does not rust. ( 5) Can realize integrative SMC moulded parts can make many scattered parts and different parts together, according to need in the mold design considerations a molding, simplify the processing procedure and equipment, shorten the processing cycle, save investment. ( 6) Dimension stability can add various types of low shrinkage in SMC formulations agent, and USES the low shrinkage resin, making SMC products in a wider temperature range size stability and the original shape. ( 7) Beautiful appearance, easy molding paste hand coating products usually only one side is smooth, smooth and SMC parts on both sides, and different pigment according to the formula can be directly added to the resin paste, made from a variety of color sheet, all sorts of color of products resulting from the mold. In addition, the post-processing method may be adopted finishing. ( 8) Good electrical insulation, small dielectric loss tangent. ( 9) Thermal deformation temperature significantly higher than that of common thermoplastics, but with the steel body painting at the same time. ( 10) Good impact resistance, can be in - Use 40 ℃. ( 11) Aging resistance is better than that of common thermoplastics, service life in more than 15 years.
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