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Sheet metal processing in the application of spray paint technology

by:DLAA      2020-07-05
As the name suggests, is to finish the last procedure, after waiting for paint dry solid post-processing the drawbacks of the above, best efforts will shed some not perfect place, that only later remedy, actually spraying again the paint is not very perfect, such as Benz <>> < BMW loading paint will have a slight fine designed in the phenomenon, we known as orange peel phenomenon, this is a film on the flow in the process of flat dry jet lag produced by natural phenomena, the average person, of course, is difficult to detect and need expert appreciate level to find it, so be cheated the expert's eyes, only to paint processing, we referred to as the 'mirror'. With 1500 - first 2000 objective beauty sandpaper leveling grinding < 2500 purpose> available if necessary, then use pumice or clay composition of crude wax cut grinding, get rid of sand paper traces, the next step for grinding with fine cut wax < excluding silicon>, to get rid of coarse wax, then treated with reducing agent in order to achieve perfect luster, again thoroughly with mirror surface treatment to remove the aura and mark, then paint in order to achieve the most deep gloss, sealing glair is the last procedure, so that you can achieve perfect expert paint effect.
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