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Several kinds of auto lamp signal condition

by:DLAA      2020-03-29
Condition one: don't go after the green light vehicle ahead lamp signal: flash headlights at the crossroads waiting for the bus, when the green light, sometimes encounter vehicle ahead still. Maybe is a novice, nervous hand, slow start, perhaps the driver didn't pay attention to the change of light vehicles, such as daydreaming when the red light. At this time, the car usually adopt some measures to give each other a little reminder. Someone riding on the horn, but not only lost demeanor this restless, still might have the opposite effect. If you have some internal heat a large anyway drive slowly, deliberately left the car, the result everybody loses. When meeting this kind of situation, crazy the horn is clearly not appropriate, we can use the flash headlights way instead of the rough on the horn. Flash headlights, often can realize the vehicles, flash if you haven't action would be to avoid continuous flash headlights, this is not respect for people, easy to cause the vehicle driver's negative feelings. Condition 2: the night of strong light ShanYan lamp signal: two headlamps reminds, bright double jump dissatisfied driving at night, all the most headache thing is a guy who just meet high beam, the other does not switch when the behavior of light in the process of driving at night. Actually in urban driving at night, and in most cases the pavement have good lighting, there is no need to understand 'headlight. And on the road lighting is not very ideal, an open headlight exactly but also the important factor of induced traffic accident. Bright lights have been met to the car? Perhaps many cyclists will adopt the 'tit-for-tat' means, everyone mutual dozen headlights. Obviously wrong with this way, the old driver introduce safe driving experience, usually said to don't drive in anger, this kind of 'an eye for an eye' behavior is the embodiment of the anger. ShanYan encountered strong light, probably the other party is forgot to turn off high beam, drivers can others in a flash over a distance of two lamps, switching lights when you remind each other each other. If your indifferent, cyclists can jump on the double lamp with, tell them, 'you are with me, please switch dipped headlights'. Condition 3: in case of vehicle to and lamp signal: headlights flashing 'agree', headlight even flash 'reject' on highway or highway and some ordinary roads, often in case of lane and road in elevated circle mouth, traffic to pass alternatively. In this case, the car and the car if the communication is not ideal, is likely to cause the vehicle brushed against accidents. Each other and road or road traffic intersection, the hog is dangerous, and she need to car absolutely cannot directly to change lanes, and met with the car tip need to change lanes, is to agree to change lanes, or refuse requests, the car must give each other a clear reminder. Meet and alternate or traffic road, lane changing car will first open the turn signal in advance, in traffic at a moment, tell the car 'can I change lanes? 'after the car if you agree, will slow down, and flash your headlights, said' agreed to change lanes'; If you don't convenient, even the flash a few times headlight, said 'no, I don't agree. Driving on the road, when you happen to see the other car when some of the problems, we must not turn a blind eye, but how to will tell you the first time a car owner? In fact, in the light language, there are about prompting other vehicles has a problem, need to stop pull over to check lights to remind. If car friends have what problem, you can forward the car under continuous flash three headlight, the pilot noticed that light vehicles such as flash headlights under three again. , of course, if someone gives you three flash headlights, you also need to attract attention, maybe what's wrong with your car, the car is friendly reminder to you. Condition 5: too close to the car and car lamp signal: periodic deleterious brake light driving on the highway, maintain appropriate safety distance is one of the effective methods to avoid accident, but sometimes some people like to drive high speed, and keep the distance is close, in this case, vehicle drivers will be scattered part of energy to 'focus' car, after will worry after the car won't slow because the brakes hit her. At this time, the vehicle ahead is to find a way to give the car a little warning, telling the car don't follow him, would then use the brake light. In the process of highway traffic, brake lights have another kind of usage, namely in the car when his car is too close, car drivers can be light on the brakes, and prompt the car 'you leave me too close, should be.
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