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Said temperamental predominance to wash the car air conditioning evaporation tank

by:DLAA      2020-07-09
Believes that many owners friend will have such problems: the air conditioning after there is always a pungent odor ( Used to say: rotten rags, earthy taste) Out of the outlet, let a person particularly nausea. When we found that we can do is to clean air conditioning system, to remove odor, but after cleaning may just have peculiar smell out not long before a period of time. Symptoms analysis similar to remove odor actually because you can't get rid of the air conditioning system is an important part of a - Evaporation tank with mold or dirt not clean, lead to air conditioning has peculiar smell smell. Almost all the cars on sale evaporation tank in the back of the instrument panel, so the instrument panel is a must to thoroughly clean the evaporation box tear open come down to clean. So time-consuming work shop is not commonly use this way to thoroughly clean air conditioning system, and the models are not familiar with disassembling time should be longer. It wastes time and not well remove the peculiar smell. Tip: what is evaporation box box is in the air for cooling parts in vehicle air conditioning system, it consists of two parts, the evaporation tank shell and the evaporator. Full of refrigerant in the evaporator is located in the casing, around through a lot of absorption of heat, to achieve lower air temperature. Why do dirty things into the evaporation inside the box? Some owners friend might ask, evaporation tank inside the instrument panel, how can have so many dirty things into the evaporation inside the box? That is why air conditioning air inlet. Behind the vehicle air conditioning air inlet are usually lies in the engine compartment, through the blower air inside the car. But due to the air inlet is bigger, will let the dirty things such as the leaves into the inside, so the air in the real into the car, you need to first pass air conditioning filter filter, so that it can filter most of the dirty things. If air conditioner filter if the installation does not reach the designated position or damaged, dirty things will be through the air conditioning filter and into the box. As a result, over time the mess with the dust and evaporation tank after the condensation of water droplets will mold to produce the mold causing the appearance of the peculiar smell. In addition, if air conditioning filter filtering effect is not good will also make the dust into the evaporation tank, it can produce we said 'earthy taste'. Causes of odor in addition to the evaporation inside the suitcase is dirt, there are other reasons? Air conditioning duct ( Including the evaporation tank) Is there a mold production, air-conditioning filter dirty these two aspects can also lead to open air conditioning is faulty. And these two aspects we can clean air-conditioning duct and replace air filter can be solved. But if there is peculiar smell generated after you clean the air conditioning pipe, it is probably evaporation tank inside the evaporator that have dirt, can't wash this if not thorough cleaning solution to eliminate peculiar smell to unpick and wash evaporation walls and cases of internal surface of the evaporator. Summary: the air conditioning system is the most prone to mold our car, but we often open air conditioning don't open the window, so that will give us body pose a potential hazard, if there is peculiar smell and air conditioning system also let the person in a closed environment driving feel sick for a long time. Here we give you a suggestion, you at the same time of evaporation tank cleaning, air-conditioning filter also advise you to update twice a year, replace the purpose is to avoid air conditioner filter dirty after produce mould appearance peculiar smell. Only you smell the smell, but I do not know it than the toilet is dirty! Air conditioning refrigeration components ( Evaporation box) Work, colder than beverage bottle, also can attract the moisture condensation in the air. Wet evaporate box, dust and microorganism in the air and microbial 'seed', will make their homes on the evaporation box. Evaporation tank keep wet for a long time, will attract more settlers. Experts recommend 'first close air conditioning, natural hair drier 3 ~ 5 minutes and then shut down', just want to let the wind blow dry evaporation tank and air duct, avoid wet all night to seduce microbe, make new offspring. But! ! A lot of people don't care about this operation, direct quenching. When you open air conditioning, the stink of small particles will come a said go go travel, stick by your nasal mucosa, you smell the smell. ( Sometimes just open air conditioning, the wind still didn't cool down, you will somehow sneezes, do you have any impression? ) Some 3 years not to clean automobile air conditioning has been measured, evaporation tank has 1000 ~ 2000 in each square centimeter mold, spore is numerous, the wind light, can grow out next time. You will find that air conditioning bad smell only when in the open air conditioning, two minutes to cool down, don't think smelly, so a lot of people think that at this time, it can be at ease use. Just under the low temperature, smell sensitivity decreased, blow out the spores of less, don't forget before blowing out the spores, floating in the car. A knowledgeable person said, circulate in air conditioning to open more fuel efficient, now looks even worse, spore and bacteria out not to go forever, always stuffy in the compartment, let the family to breathe. In addition to smell the smell, and sometimes also with body itching, symptoms such as red spots. That is a kind of air-condition disease, mainly is dust mites. In short, the mites in the air conditioning system is much more widely, not only on the evaporation tank, and somebody else is with legs of biological, action ability, much more, than the fungi have grey, nutritious place without them. Governance in-car air, need to replace air conditioning, the evaporation tank cleaning.
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