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Rainy days driving open fog lamp or lamps should not affect the opposite driver

by:DLAA      2020-07-01
Asked on the network: rainy day driving open fog lamps or open headlight? How to answer? So the answer: light rain don't turn on the light, heavy rain fog lamps, open the high beam is equivalent to suicide. Actually when it rains, if in the daytime, can see, I have never driven a car lights. This time for everyone to popularize the knowledge, I also follow to learn. Why want to open the rain fog lamps? I asked a veteran driver, he said the light is not in order to give light to others, but to let others see themselves. In fact that's true, fog lamps mainly yellow light, and the fog lamps installed in the vehicle under the front bumper, generally light light driver line of sight is not parallel with each other, and can let the other side the driver knew of their vehicles. In contrast, headlight, whether in or dipped headlight, light spectrum and the line of sight from almost parallel to the other driver, this is the murder. So, don't open headlight. Clearly in the traffic laws of our country stipulates: 'the street lamp open during the night, or when there is fog, rain, snow, hail, dust and other low visibility situations, should open the headlamps, after clearance lamp and a lamp. ”
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