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Production of electric resin engine protection plate

by:DLAA      2020-07-10
Car as an important traffic tools, we travel will install after people buy all kinds of auto accessories, like a car sticker, seat cushion, floor mat and so on, not only can protect the car, also can have very good adornment effect. And as the heart of the automobile engine, its maintenance measures are needed. The protection of the automobile engine is mainly done by engine protection plate. Engine protection plate is set up according to the different engine protection device, avoid muddy, bumpy road impact on an engine, applying a pan, gearbox and other key parts. Due to the difference of the material, the engine protection plate can be divided into a variety of, have a tech engine protection plate, resin plate, surrounded by all 3 d engine protection plate, etc. , and their corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance properties. Engine protection plate has a certain weight, this means that increases car fuel consumption, so choose what kind of engine protection plate is very important. Excessive strong engine protection plate can prevent accidental impact the safety of the engine when the sinking movement, lead to danger; Engine protection plate light weight, and resin will not increase fuel consumption, nor affect the collision engine sinking, should choose when installing guard resin material. Resin engine protection plate can prevent sharp objects the destruction of the engine oil pan and other components, and as long as the installation level to reduce the wind resistance but also to reduce fuel consumption. Resin engine protection plate good toughness, not easy to damage. Because the engine is not used to resist a brick, but some small impact, so the toughness will better rigidity. At least this noise, resin is much lower than steel. Not resin engine protection plate will not rust, guard the position the easiest access to the snow and rain, and other metal plate phosphating antirust do bad, it is easy to rust, it would be a piece of heart. And resin plate would never have this problem, so the engine protection plate had better choose resin material.
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