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DLAA, a famous auto lighting brand in China, becomes a top-class enterprise in the auto accessories manufacturing field of China after decades’ effort. Founded in 1992, we have more than 600 workers now. With a beautiful and comfortable environment, DLAA has advanced equipment for researching, producing and inspecting. With super teams for business, research, technology, production, inspection, management and customer service, excellent quality and the shortest lead time are guaranteed.

We are specialized in manufacturing fog lamp for car. Our main products inclusive of fog light, LED light, driving light, LED car light bar, and we can also provide customized service.

The function of the fog lamp for cars is to let other vehicles see the car when the visibility of the fog or rain is greatly affected by the weather, so the light source of the fog lamp for car needs to have a strong penetrability. On foggy days, the correct use of fog lights can effectively prevent traffic accidents. When a vehicle is driving on an expressway and encounters weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, sand, and hail, and the visibility is less than 200 meters, the fog lights should be turned on.

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