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Plate lining gets torn leaves, leaf plate lined with disassembly steps

by:DLAA      2020-07-21
We said today plate lined with leaves, say a very easy to damage the parts. When leaves the memory board failure, nature is the need for replacement, or in the car, not only can produce obvious noise, and can well protect the chasis. So, what how to replace the fender, let's give everyone a leaf plate lined with disassembly steps. Leaf plate lined with disassembly steps: 1. The strong point on the bottom of the car with a jack first, and then the car chassis, and also need to tire stripped down. 2. Then dismantled fixed plate lined with screws and card buckle leaves, remove damaged leaf plate. Of course, we also will clean silt under the fender. 3. Finally, according to remove the leaf plate instead step, to install a new fender're done. Second, we need to find out the cause of the leaf lining board is broken, or after the replacement is just 'take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure'. However, most likely because minimum size ( Ensure the maximum limit space when the tire rotation and beating) Is too small, lead to the car bumpy road, tires easily to plate lined with leaves, for a long time on cracking can be dismissed. At this time we just increase the arm spacing can, to avoid tire and leaf plate lined with 'head'.
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