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Open highway suddenly under the heavy rain, the double flash or fog lamps?

by:DLAA      2020-06-12
On the car driving and maintenance knowledge is very much, for some old less people, a lot of things all don't know, don't know enough even automotive maintenance. And we all know, general engine oil replacement time is about 10000 kilometers, the spark plug replacement mileage is 3 - 60000 kilometers, in addition, such as air filter, wiper blade, gearbox oil within a certain mileage are need to be replaced, but able to remember all the maintenance time of car owners, apparently, very few. Not to mention some car operating knowledge, the blank area of novice drivers like suddenly under the heavy rain on the highway, the open double flash or fog lamps? Most owners don't understand. Some people are completely according to his be fond of driving, regardless of the operating mode is in line with the traffic rules, some even in broad daylight was still on the high beam, after the sun makes vehicles even couldn't see the road, opposite the this will no doubt make the probability of traffic accident. In general, if it rains on the highway, if rainfall is not large, this time only need the light open wide, so we can play a prompt behind the vehicle in front of the car, so you can keep a safe distance from vehicles before and after. Many car owners in order to save trouble, the flash directly to the drive to the end, but I do not know this operation is very inappropriate, even let the thought that has broken down in front of the rear vehicle, is entirely can cause traffic congestion, and safety accidents, etc. If moderate rainfall is not large, the low beam light, so that we can make the owner can more clearly distinguish the previous situation, at the same time can also prompt role on rear car. But if it is under the heavy rain, dipped headlights may effect is not so obvious, this time will give opened the fog lamps, and fog light penetration is very strong, in the heavy rain weather can also ensure that vehicles relative safety. When other suddenly under the heavy rain, the pavement and computer visibility is very low, so low beam lights and fog lamps must be opened at the same time, but this kind of visibility is in commonly 100 metres away. If visibility is less than 50 m or 100 m, can open the double flash, this kind of weather often does not see more, but I met is very extreme weather, natural opened the double flash is also reasonable, is not illegal traffic rules. Easier said than done, seriously, do most of the owners directly and then open the double flash, other doing nothing at all, considering the actual situation is not entirely about, if is a person who don't understand, can understand. Even some people clearly know how to operate, but still only convenience, it is very disturbing.
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