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Old decided to maintain the replacement parts

by:DLAA      2020-08-28
After understanding the main structure, we pulled roughly divided into the youth, middle-aged and older models, it just like people, at different times maintenance replacement parts are not the same. Youth car ( 0 - 4 years old) In general, a car in the use of the first two years is the peak of life, as long as the routine maintenance, basic won't have what problem. Major maintenance should include: oil change, check the steering gear, check the replacement brake, replace the four filter, etc. The four filter ( Oil, air, air conditioning and gas filter) : the most common form of periodic maintenance accessories. ( 5000 - 1. 50000 km) 。 Wiper blade: driving the view clear, ensure driving safety. ( 1 year) Brakes: it is recommended that every little maintenance need to check the brake pads wear. ( 3 - 40000 km, 2 years) Fuel pump: sucked out fuel from the fuel tank, pressure after delivery to the delivery pipe, and the fuel pressure regulator to cooperate to build a certain fuel pressure. ( 3 - 40000 km, 2 years) Shock absorber, shock absorber is part of the suspension system, if the shock absorber spring is no longer elastic, will shake when high speed very badly, especially on rainy days. ( 5 - 60000 km, 3 - Four years) The spark plug: ( 6 - 80000 km, 3 - Four years) The brake fluid/antifreeze: ( Usually in 6 - 70000 kilometers, 3 - 4 years) Battery: 3 - Middle-aged (4 years 4 - 7 years old) Vehicle more than 4 years, for example, like 'man in the middle', a lot of parts will be a bit, especially after a long bumpy car at a high speed. Plus some inside the natural aging and so on problems of various kinds of rubber hose. For a drive to the middle age of vehicles, in addition to routine maintenance, maintenance should be focus on the following parts: timing system: timing system is the core parts of the engine drive contains the timing belt and related gear train. Usually vehicles running in the 70000 to 100000 kilometers, should inspect or replace timing system, if the vehicle is halfway to the timing belt suddenly rupture may result in engine damage, the cost is too big. Rubber hose: this old stage, black oil, water leakage problems such as frequent. This is caused by natural aging of rubber hose. Coolant water container: five years or so of the vehicle, the inside of the tank may be chemical corrosion, so some of the tank of the car began to leak. Old car ( 7 - 10 years old) As car life limits, in our country, the car generally to 10 years should retire, if proper care, car can health mission accomplished on schedule. In addition, most of the automatic transmission car should also be maintenance at this time in automatic transmission. Of course the chassis system should also be carefully check maintenance. In general, this phase is to check for replacement of maintenance is given priority to. Tank: 7 years, 10 - 120000 km check automatic transmission, electronic throttle replacement, three yuan catalysts replacement: 7 years, 100000 km clutch assembly: contains the clutch pressure plate, clutch platen and release bearing. 12 - 150000 kilometers need to be replaced. Other such as power system and transmission system of oil seal, vibration crank pulley and other components in the system failure extent of visual and replaced.
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