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Old common fault repair methods

by:DLAA      2020-08-30
Car in the course of long-term use hard to avoid can appear a few small problem, small fault, let alone a used car? Especially tires, fuel consumption, brake system, the easiest way to produce safe hidden trouble. So, should be how to deal with these situation? What is old common fault repair methods? Below we look at together. A common faults: tires were foreign body burst. The tyre is the most easy to wear and the damage. Especially when go mountain roads will always be broken stones or nail pierced the tire of many car owners in order to save trouble, to the side of the road repair shop mending continued on his way, this method can only temporary remedy, plenty of safety when driving at high speed. Recommended later find within the professional repair shop to repair, because professional repair shop will have special remove the tire tool, and use special vulcanizing machine repair after heating will be more safe. Common fault 2: fuel consumption increased significantly. Used in the car after a period of time, many owners will find that fuel consumption suddenly rose more than ten percent, expressed. In fact, the oil consumption growth also indicates the vehicle the potential problems. This is the first thing to understand the causes of fuel consumption increase, and then resolved. There are many factors which could lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Clutch skid, for example, can make the engine revolution lost, leading to a surge in fuel consumption, need to replace the clutch pressure plate in time and drive wheel. Common faults three: brake system failure. Brake system failure include: brake pedal stroke is too large, slow braking effect, braking efficiency is low and even lost, braking distance increases. There are three kinds of this fault elimination method. Continuous on the brake pedal, such as pedal increased and elastic feeling, but after a pause when the pedal is still very low, is the brake system with air, then deal with exhaust braking system. The foot brake is ineffective, but on a few consecutive pedal braking effect is very good, generally for the brake pedal free stroke is too big or the brake clearance is too large. Should be adjusted pedal free stroke, and then check the brake clearance, brake when necessary the collapse of the repair. Recommended reading: how to judge whether the replacement tyres for car appear all sorts of small fault, the owner must not be ignored, it is to remind you the vehicle contact failure, timely solve or replacement, not only can protect the safety of driving, also can prolong the service life of the vehicle. So, please attach importance to it.
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