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Manufacturers to introduce the structure and principle of automobile body

by:DLAA      2020-07-25
Car body structure mainly includes: body shell, doors, Windows, front coin, body inside and outside decoration parts and car accessories, seat air conditioning and ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and so on. On the truck and special vehicles include trunk and other equipment. Related: must say motor oil for daily use four pitfalls to avoid mistakes appear in vehicle maintenance and repair of ten kinds of car body to cope with the driver to provide convenient conditions, provide comfortable riding conditions to passengers, to protect them from the car when the vibration and noise, exhaust gas invasion as well as outside the influence of the bad weather, and ensure the intact delivery goods and loading and unloading is convenient. Car body of some structural measures and equipment also helps to safe driving and mitigate the consequences of the accident. Body should guarantee the car with reasonable external shape, when in the car can effectively guide the air flow around, in order to reduce air resistance and fuel consumption. In addition, the body should also help to improve the car stability and improve cooling condition of the engine, and ensure the body internal good ventilation. Body shell is the installation of all body parts, usually is refers to the longitudinal, beams and pillars and connected to their main bearing components such as space structure of rigid coin. The skeleton of the most obvious, and the car body and truck cab is no obvious skeleton. Body shell often including laying on its sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration proof, anticorrosive, sealing materials and coating, etc. The door through the hinge is installed on the body shell, its structure is complex, is an important part of a promise that the using of body performance. Coin, etc. The pulley parts are formed to accommodate the engine, wheels and other parts of space. Body external decoration mainly is refers to the decoration, the wheel decorative cover, logo, embossed type text, and so on. The radiator mask, bumpers, lamps and lanterns and rearview mirror and other accessories also have obvious decorative. Car interior decoration such as instrument panel, roof, wall, seat surface decorations, and the curtains and the carpets. , widely used in the car natural fiber or synthetic fiber textile, leather or multilayer composite materials, even the skin surface coated decoration material such as plastic foam; On passenger cars are a lot of fiber board, paper board, engineering plastic board, aluminum plate, decorative pattern plate and composite decorative decoration materials. Car accessories are: door locks, door hinges, glass elevator, all kinds of seals, the wind window wiper, wind window washer, visor, rearview mirror, handle, cigarette lighter, empty boxes, etc. On modern cars are often equipped with a radio and cassette player and rod antenna, also in some car body is equipped with a wireless telephone, television or tiny furnace heating food and small refrigerator and other ancillary equipment. Body internal ventilation, heating, air conditioning and air conditioning is to maintain the normal environment, ensure the safety of drivers and passengers inside the car comfortable important device. Chairs are body inside one of the important device. Seat by skeleton, seat cushion, back of a chair and regulating mechanism, etc. Seat cushion and the back of a chair should have certain elasticity. Before and after regulating mechanism can make the seat or move up and down and adjust the seat cushion and backrest Angle. Some seats and elastic suspension and shock absorber, can be adjusted on the elastic suspension for drivers under the action of different weight can still guarantee the seat cushion from the height of the floor properly. In some passenger car and truck cab in a sleeper is set to meet the need of long-distance driving at night. In order to ensure the safety of driving restrictions to passengers, widely used in the modern car seat belts, headrest, air bags and all kinds of buffer to prevent the crew were injured when the car crashed and package cushion device. According to the different types of transport goods, freight car trunk can be a regular column plate structure, the structure of the platform, the structure of the tipping, closed trunk, gas, liquid tank and bulk cargo transportation ( Grain, powder, etc. ) Pneumatic blowing adopted by the special unloading capacity tank or is suitable for highway, railway, waterway, air transport, international multimodal transport of various standard specifications of the container.
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