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Manufacturer to introduce you to the flexible hinge

by:DLAA      2020-07-26
Flexible hinge introduction: flexible hinge hinge is a new type of integrated, flexible hinge mechanism using the characteristics of the small deformation of elastic material and the reply, eliminates the idle and mechanical friction in the process of transmission, high displacement resolution can be achieved. Subsequently, flexure hinge is widely used in gyro, accelerometer, precision balance, the missile control instruments and meters, and obtained the unprecedented high precision and stability. Flexible hinge main types: there are two main types of flexure hinge, straight beam type flexible hinge and circular arc flexure hinge. Straight beam type flexible hinge have larger rotation range, but its accuracy is poorer, center of rotation in turning process has obvious deflection. Circular arc movement precision of flexure hinge, the moving distance is limited by a lot of, but can only achieve slightly to rotation. The most common form is around an axis elastic bending, and the elastic deformation is reversible. Flexible hinge main features: flexible hinge used for axial complex movement of the limited angular displacement, its characteristic is: no mechanical friction, clearance, high sensitivity.
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